Custom Modules

Learn all about the exciting RocketTheme exclusive modules that are included in the Mixxmag template release. Here you can find instructions for installation and configuration for each of the custom modules/scripts.

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Step One: Installing the Module

  • Download the archive from the Mixxmag download section of the RocketTheme Joomla! Club. Unzip the archive and inside you will find individual zip files for each of the extensions
  • Login in to your administrator console on your Joomla! website and navigate to the Extensions menu item, and select Install/Uninstall from the dropdown menu.
  • In the Upload Package File section, click the Choose File button and select one of the that was inside of the zip file you downloaded earlier. Next click the Upload File & Install button to install the module

Step Two: Publishing the Module

  • Now the module is installed it must be published in the appropriate module position and configured to suit our needs. From the top menu, select Extensions > Module Manager
  • This will take you to the Site Module Manager which allows you to configure the placement and configuration of all modules in your Joomla website
  • Locate the module from the list. Remember there could be a few pages. Once you have found it, you can publish in 2 ways: The first is selecting the cross next to the tile or clicking the title then set Publish to Yes followed by Save

RokFeature Module

RokFeature is a sophisticated content slider/rotator. Whether through automation, or manual input, you can scroll through the various articles viewing both a large image with its accompanying text. Hidden panels allow you to showcase both lengthy text items as well as the large image to use your real estate for optimum impact.

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module. There are 4 columns, parameters, options, demo and description. The parameter column lists each available setting for the module; options lists the available options to choose from; demo lists the options chosen on the demo and description outlines what the module does.


Show Title Enabled Position Show Title Link Title Show Readmore Read More Label Show Thumbnails Link Thumbnails Article Count Show Frontpage Items Order Category Section Transition Duration Delay Length AutoPlay Rotator Preview Length Tab Opacity


Yes : No Yes : No List of position Yes : No Yes : No Yes : No Text Field Yes : No Yes : No Number Field Show : Hide : Only List of orders List of categories List of sections Number Field Number Field Yes : No Number Field Number Field


No Yes Featured Yes Yes Yes Read More Yes Yes 3 Hide Article Manager RokFeature RT Demo Content 800 7000 Yes 300 0.8


Enable/Disable the module header Enable/Disable the module Choose the module position Show/Hide article title Link article title Show read more button Label for read more Show thumbnails Link the thumbnails Number of articles to load Load frontpage items Order of articles Category of articles Section of articles Time for transition Time on each article Auto-rotate articles Number of letters to display Transparency of the tabs

Below is the HTML for a RokFeature content item on the frontpage:-
<!--THUMB images/stories/rokfeature/feature-1_thumb.jpg THUMB-->
<!--IMAGE images/stories/rokfeature/feature-1.jpg IMAGE-->
<span>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt.</span>
There are 3 parts to the RokFeature content item, the thumb, the main mage and your content. The thumbnail appears in the hidden panel to the left of the module. The main image is the large graphic that you see spanning across across the entire module and the content is also displayed in the hidden panel. The following code is used for load the thumbnail:-
<!--THUMB relative/path/to/image THUMB-->
You need to load a relative path such as images/stories/rokfeature/thumb1.jpg between the <!--THUMB THUMB--> tags for it to load. The code for the main image has the same construction with different syntax, i.e. IMAGE instead of THUMB as shown below:-
<!--IMAGE relative/path/to/image IMAGE-->
You would then add your content after both the THUMB and the IMAGE code. From Joomla 1.5.8 onwards, a strict HTML filter has been added as standard. For the purposes of this module, you will need to disable it. To do this, login into your Joomla administration and navigate to Content > Article Manager. There, you should have a button menu in the top right with a menu item named Parameters. Select this item and a popup will appear with various options. Scroll to the bottom were the filter settings are set. Highlight all the groups in the Fliter group box with the exception of Super Administrator. Then save. Now, the new filtering should be disabled for Super Administrators on your site and you can now setup RokFeature content items. You can use this for any other issues you have relating to HTML being filtered by Joomla.


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